Events in April 2020

  • CANCELLED - Concealed Handgun License Course
  • Easter Sunday
  • CANCELLED - Concealed Handgun License Course
  • CANCELLED - Concealed Handgun License Class & Wine Pairing at Melrose Vineyard


Concealed Handgun Course – Oregon Only $50 / Multi-State $60:

This course meets and exceeds requirements for obtaining your concealed handgun license. You will learn the basics of firearms safety and get a detailed introduction into all aspects of concealed carry. You will learn how and where you can and cannot carry and we will answer all your questions in regards to concealed carry, self-defense and which firearms and methods will best suit you.

Advanced Concealed Carry Course $50:

This course meets and exceeds the requirements for obtaining your concealed handgun license and is recommended for those who are experienced shooters. It covers advanced tactics and carry techniques,  close quarters shooting as well as malfunction drills. It covers drawing from concealment, shooting from different positions and basic hand to hand skills that allow you to access your firearm during a struggle.

Situational Awareness and Self-Defense Course $50:

In this course you will learn the ins and outs of avoiding trouble before it begins and how to deal with it effectively when it is unavoidable. This course teaches techniques that allow you to defeat larger and more powerful opponents with techniques that have been proven in the real world by mixed martial arts fighters, law enforcement and military professionals. We recommend attending with a partner.

AR-15 Build Course – $50(BYO Parts), $600(Parts Provided):

This class is designed for the novice gun builder. We supply the knowledge, tools, and expertise. Each student will learn how AR-15 and each of its components work. During this class, you will build your very own rifle Students will learn how to completely assemble a military spec AR-15 from parts provided by the store, or previously purchased on their own.

Reloading Basics Course $50:

Learn basic reloading skills & techniques utilizing a single stage reloading press. How to utilize & set-up equipment. How to read & choose load data. Gain knowledge and skills that will add to overall shooting experience.

Backwoods Basics Course (Survival Series) $50:

Learn about how to be better equipped to survive in the outdoors. How to build your own daypack/bug-out-bag and what products will work for you. And basic techniques and skills needed in the outdoors.

First Aid/CPR $110:

The Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies to help victims of any age – adults (about 12 years and older) and pediatric (infants and children up to 12 years of age). Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR valid for two years


MARK DOWDY with P.S.P. Inc.:

A certified NRA instructor with over 17 years experience and, is certified in all disciplines to include Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety and Personal Protection as well as being a Chief Range Safety Officer and NRA training counselor. Mark is a former Marine with a background in law enforcement and mixed martial arts, in addition to being a lifelong hunter and shooter.

PETE SWANSON with Viking Forge Gunsmithing:

A COLT armorer for the AR-15/M-16 platform for over 25 years. He has been the Armorer for a large metro police department for over 20 years. He has been a Firearms Instructor at the Basic Academy level, as well as Advanced Officers level and in other countries. He holds a Manufacturing FFL as well as SOT status.

DEVLAN SORENSEN with Outlander Training Services:

Over 20 years backpacking, hunting, hiking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with minimal to no gear. Specialized in Outdoor Preparedness, Self-Reliance, and Situational Awareness.


Shooting & reloading since childhood, he has 30+ years of experience in the art. Veteran, former member of the national shooting team and life-long participant in competitive shooting, his experience has been invaluable in developing precise load data. He believes this to be a nation of re-loaders for the past 400 years and, it is a skill that should be learned and passed on.


Certified First Aid/CPR instructor


Security Plus
Over 40 years experience


Private Classes & Group Discounts Available