Umpqua Survival was established in 2010 to provide our community with products needed to be prepared should disaster strike. Since that time, our veteran owned business has evolved into Douglas County’s premier source for training, equipment and firearms. No matter if it’s a simple drive in the country, natural disaster or full on zombie apocalypse, our knowledgeable staff will ensure you have what you need to be prepared.

Our goal is not to simply sell something. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers are not only happy with their purchase, but confident they have the correct product for their specific needs. In addition to providing training and education, our vast selection of special order products allows us to meet virtually any customer need.

We strive to develop and educate future hunters, shooters, outdoorsmen and are dedicated to helping our community become safer and more prepared


“Umpqua Survival is a great store. They have pretty much anything you could need. They have a wide range of firearms also. So all you hunters should check this place out.”

Jason Potter


“Umpqua Survival is a great place.. ive found answers to my questions and solutions that work best for me, ammo, arms, interesting conversation and high quality cotton shop shirts. …the cashier, exactly as advertised!!!!”

Jaehelle Aytch


“Shout out to the guys at Umpqua Survival for raffling off the Ruger SR40 I won at the Southern Oregon Sportsmans Show! Umpqua Survival is one of the best outfits I’ve been to. (And btw, the gun is amazing!)”

Michael Salverstrin


“Wow great customer service, owner took the time to show me around and asking about my interests and how he can fill the needs of Cow Creek Troop 36 in Riddle. Silva type compass for only $6.50 can’t beat that! Thank you”

Fred Linton